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September - November 2016

Scoring and sound design for Lou Simon's revenge thriller "3". She's got an ambitious schedule with sights set on AFM and several fall festivals. It's hammer time!

3 - An Eye For An Eye.jpg
April - July 2016

Spent the spring and summer composing the score for Sean Rosa's thriller "Apollyon". With amazing story and imagery, this film gave me the opportunity to explore exciting new territory -
Gregorian chants, Middle Eastern colors, ambient guitar soundscapes, sweeping orchestral/electronic pieces.
Truly a composer's playground, who could ask for more??

Apollyon Film Sean Rosa Michael Damon Film Composer
April - July 2016

Over the winter I hatched this crazy idea to build an electric cello.

I wanted an instrument that could be played traditionally and also tortured for sound design purposes. With that in mind I came up with
a semi-hollow design strung as standard cello, with eight extra sympathetic strings that can be bowed, plucked or struck separately.

Construction pushed my woodworking skills to the limit, and the cello was finally completed just as I started on music for "3". It played an important role in that film and I'm sure it will find its way onto many future scores.

Michael Damon Composer Custom Cello
Michael Damon Composer Custom Cello
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