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Guitar  Film Composer Michael damon
Michael Damon Film Composer Sound Designer Film Score
Composer / Sound Designer

Michael Damon is an award winning composer & sound designer for films, television and games. His music is a hybrid of  orchestral, rock, electronica and world influences, ranging from epic cinematic themes to intimate soundscapes and acoustic pieces. With a diverse background and uniquely creative spirit, Michael collaborates with filmmakers to craft evocative sonic landscapes tailored to the visual and emotional experience of each new project.

Featured Track:

Hans Zimmer Clint Mansell James Newton Howard Cliff Martinez Gustavo Santaolalla Film score Film Composer Sound Designer Independent Film award winning Sundance  orchestral rock world music

Main Title - 3: An Eye For An Eye
00:00 / 01:35
Art of Power film
Red Herring Film
Agoraphobia Film Tony Todd Cassie Scerbo Sharknado
Apollyon GN Poster Full.jpg
Not For Human Consumption Film Magic Flame Thurston Rispoli
Milli and the Lord Film HBO
The Tested Film Constanzo
3 - An Eye For An Eye.jpg
All Girls Weekend Film
Pyramid Code Documentary
Twice as Dead Film Winkless


June 2023

"73 Minutes" coming soon to Prime Video and Tubi!

RecalculatingMichael Damon
00:00 / 00:54

March 2023


New studio construction underway, very excited to start creating in this space!

Also some fun custom instruments in the works using reclaimed lumber from demolition ;-)

Studio Framing for Wix.JPG
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